Free beta classes on 3D animation begin at Animation Chautari

The concept of Animation Chautari as an online 3D animation training platform in Nepal has been there for quite a while now. After a lot of time spent in visualizing the technical, conceptual and organizational ideas, we have finally started with the beta classes. Started from 11th of June, the program is taking a good pace. The experience for both the students and Animation chautari has been very exciting.

Beta classes are free to attend for all the selected applicants. Students gain live, audio and visual access to learn and interact with the tutor online. Desktop screen sharing and real-time remote control access in addition provides a real world learning experience. Students as such are able to work from the comfort of their homes.

Currently, Animation Chautari provides beta classes in two formats.

Lab Chautari is a practical online lab center. This format provides opportunity for students with prior knowledge or the ones with ongoing classes to attend and work or practice together with other students in the presence of the tutor. Students get to work on the individual projects of choice. They will interact with the colleagues and the tutor for support. Observing the workflow of the tutor’s project at the same time will be a good way to keep the inspiration alive.

Modeling chautari is literally a classroom, albeit a virtual one. A designated tutor will take students through a standard lecture on 3D modeling through live audio and visual presentations.

While students are able to discuss and practice all aspects of 3D animation at the Lab Chautari, Modeling chautari will be limited to the lectures on 3D modeling for now. We will decide on the possibilities of beta lectures for other aspects soon in the near future.

Maya and Zbrush are primary softwares of learning 3D animation at the moment at Animation Chautari. Since students learn the core principles prior to moving software techniques, it would hardly dent the ability of students to create 3D artwork should they require switching to another medium.

Further details will follow in the upcoming posts. Stay tuned.

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